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RFID Handhelds

Future-Proof Your Warehouse with RFID

Whatever type of warehouse operation you’re managing, manual processes and legacy systems simply can’t keep pace with the intensely competitive warehouse industry. In fact, across the country, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment operations are transforming their operations to meet the growing demands of today’s on-demand economy.

Decision makers everywhere are pursuing new approaches and technologies that can help them optimize productivity, efficiency and accuracy. At many facilities, workers are already using handheld devices to read barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and robots to increase efficiency and minimize the risk of workplace injury.

The Power of RFID
Today’s smart warehouse operations are leveraging the power of RFID to increase productivity – from receiving and picking to cross-docking and shipping. Whether your warehouse is used for storage of raw materials and manufactured goods, cold storage, distribution, fulfillment or long- or short-term dock storage, you need to stay connected to your inventory. Zebra’s RFID solutions can help you increase accuracy, boost efficiency, exceed operational expectations and achieve the level of agility required to stay ahead of the competition.

The Zebra’s portfolio of handheld and hands-free RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners make tracking, tracing and tallying assets in real time quick and easy – across the enterprise, for all your critical applications.

Ensure Real-time Inventory Management
Preventing supply chain interruptions demands real-time inventory visibility so that you can track and turn faster and more efficiently.

  • Get real-time visibility into accurate inventory counts and locations, order fulfillment dates and reorder notifications
  • Perform cycle counts more often and have greater visibility into inventory levels
  • Increase profitability with continuous visibility into how and where inventory is being used and accessed

Keep track of everything in real time. With Zebra handheld and other RFID solutions, you can.

Rev Up Receiving
Get materials from dock-to-shelves as quickly as possible to ensure inventory is always available and up to date. Accurately capture data, label cartons and reconcile details with your Warehouse Management System (WMS).

  • Identify and verify shipments in real-time by scanning barcodes and RFID tags and empower receiving staff to be more productive and accurate
  • Know exactly where each piece of a shipment should be located to speed up picking and put-away, eliminating errors and providing an audit trail for traceability
  • Quickly flag short ships and receipt inaccuracies

Speed Up Picking
With hands-free solutions, workers can easily locate pallets and cases and complete tasks with incredible speed and accuracy to keep your business moving.

  • Get updates about stock replenishment for efficient inventory management, purchasing and manufacturing planning
  • Enable workers to efficiently and accurately complete transactions in the put-away aisle
  • Eliminate out-of-stocks with rapid replacement of goods

Equip your workers with Zebra handhelds and wearables to help them complete tasks with incredible speed and accuracy.

Automate Shipping
With growing demand and shifting expectations for expedited delivery, you need automated shipping solutions that make the most of the resources you already have

  • Get immediate confirmation that pallets and parcels are loaded on the right trailer
  • Optimize trailer space and maximize efficiency
  • Scan pallets and packages as they enter trailers to ensure accurate accounting of each item, while enabling customers to track and trace goods

Zebra mobile scanning, RFID tags and readers – loaded with 3D sensing and camera technology — can help you ensure the right goods get on the right truck in the right order, every time.

Zebra RAIN RFID readers like the new MC3300 provide superior read performance and receiver sensitivity for fast, accurate capture of even the most challenging RIFD tags.

Let 5th Wave help you future-proof your warehouse with Zebra RFID handheld solutions.