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Professional Services

Mobile Software Development

To be useful, a mobile application development platform must provide the ability to easily add custom business logic to your mobile applications.

5th Wave not only provides the most comprehensive set of pre-built application functions on the market; our systems make it simple to implement even the most sophisticated business processes. Many features include: scanning barcodes or RFID tags, capturing photos, GPS coordinates or digital signatures, creating complex decision trees, and providing real-time status notifications. Supporting IOS, Android or Windows clients, our apps cover stationary as well as mobile devices. We can also build sophisticated web apps for data collection, analysis, scheduling, even billing.

Network and System Integration

Mobile Integration is about connecting resources, specifically stationary IT resources with your mobile workforce. Make it simple and make it efficient. It’s the ability to support service providers and enterprise customers providing easy access to content, applications, or services using the necessary devices.

Network and Device Management

Mobile devise management software for enterprise tracks, monitors, and manages devices across 802.11 and cellular networks with any mobile OS.

Let us help you secure your entire fleet of smart phones, Win mobile, and IOS devices deployed across your enterprise.

RFID Solutions

In the right situation RFID is game changing technology. 5thWave is expert at identifying whether RFID is the right solution, and if so designing and implementing solutions to meet most every need using fixed and mobile readers as needed.

Real Time Location

When an enterprise needs to know where critical assets are located, an RTLS system can be lifesaving. Whether the need is for sub 1 foot location, or out to two meter accuracy, 5thWave has a solution to bring to the problem. Solutions can cover multiple floor, multiple buildings, and track multiple assets types so that one can find that one asset out of thousands quickly and efficiently.

Staging and Kitting

5th Wave offers pre-configuration of hardware, software loading, revision control, kitting, custom packaging and even custom engineered mounts cradles and other accessories.