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Our Company

5th Wave Mobile Technologies was founded on and centered around one simple principle concept: Take care of the customer!

With over 50+ years of combined experience in data collection, mobile computing, and software, the 5th Wave team has the expertise to help in a wide variety of situations and solutions. 5th Wave uses true and proven technologies to solve business problems, as well as staying up to date with emerging technologies as they evolve to help further improve efficiencies for our customers.

The average associate today is at their desks less than 60% of the time. It simply makes sense to leverage the massive investments made in information systems that provide real time information to those associates at their desk by getting that information into the hands of the associate wherever they may be. Mobility is the 5th Wave in the evolution of information technologies, and virtually every company should have a plan to leverage the power of having vital information available at the point of activity. Unlike previous evolutions, mobility is not disruptive, but instead leverages upon and makes previous investments exponentially more powerful. Let the experts at 5th Wave help your business gain the competitive advantages available through mobility solutions.

  • Founded in May 2006 by industry veterans
  • Best support team in the Pacific Northweast
  • Trusted Advisor to Fortune 500 Aircraft Manufacturer on
    Barcode, Mobile Computing and RFID for over 10 years
  • Very capable of custom multi-part solutions to complex problems
  • Local, face to face Partners
  • “As urgent as you are” and probably more so