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Mobile Computing

When it comes to mobile computing, robust reliability is the single most important key to worker success. When a device breaks because it wasn’t engineered to the task assigned, the broken hardware is the smallest cost. The real cost is in lost productivity and data. Don’t risk thousands of dollars in lost productivity to save a few hundred dollars on a device not designed or built around the need to take the beating commonly experienced in most forms of Mobile Computing.

Modern rugged mobile computers can also serve the function of a cell phone.  Rugged mobile computing no longer means huge bulky devices to carry around.

When even more rugged mobile computing is in order, the MC9200 is the undisputable Gold Standard of the industry. The new TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer ushers in a new age of durable, highly ergonomic touch screen computing for the Warehouse, Manufacturing or 3PL environment.


For use on or in vehicles, the VC80 and the VH10 cover both Android and Windows environments.


The Android based WT6000 Wearable computer teams up with the RS6000 Ring scanner to provide the best hands-free mobile scanning a computing combination in the industry.

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